Quality Tanks Since 1989


Bushmans is a wholly Australian owned and operated company specialising in water tanks and storage solutions for Households, Agricultural and farm use. We also offer a comprehensive range of storage solutions for a wide range of Industrial applications.Our range of rainwater tanks, fertiliser tanks and chemical storage tanks is extensive. Rainwater tanks are ideal for tanks rainwater harvesting, farm water systems, fire water storage and many other applications. Tanks can be customised to suit your or your business’ specific needs through our extensive experience our products are of the highest quality and we are proven in the field.

Local Service and Wide Delivery Network

Through Bushmans strategically located manufacturing and distribution facilities our customers enjoy the benefits of local delivery and local access to servicing of products. Manufacturing and distribution networks are situated in Dalby – Queensland, Orange – New South Wales, Terang – Victoria and Adelaide – South Australia. We service and install tanks in even the remotest of areas.
We have an understanding of local customer requirements as each state has its own manufacturing and sales support facility. Support from our  head office which is located in Sydney and functions as a support centre providing specialised assistance to each operation.

New Product Development

There is an ongoing focus on continuous new product development, together with an efficient and reliable delivery network for bringing those products to our customers have supported Bushmans ongoing expansion. This includes the development of our poly water tank range as well as our range of Aqualine Steel Liner rainwater tanks. Working continuously to improve our products and customer service since the beginning, in 1989 we aim to understand our customers’ needs and the quality and type of products customer expect. This is one of our main focus areas. All Bushmans products are quality tested and guaranteed. Our advanced production and freight scheduling systems allow us to create a delivery window to suit customers’ needs.