Euro Alfresco designs have various artistic specifications and features that are beneficial to our customers. Euro Appliances are pre-designed for you, a complete joinery and appliance package is usually made to avoid extra micro-management of cabinet makers to suit your exact specifications. Euro's products are market differentiated, as we design products different from competitors but focus on remaining relevant to the latest industry standards and on trends outdoor kitchen designs. The finishing is premium having the market leading moisture resistant joinery materials that ensure our products last for a long time. Their wide range of personalised options gives customer easy task in selection. Selected options can be customised further to fit exact specifications of the client. The products are manufactured in Australia with a combination of precise machines, overseas manufacturers, quality materials, and expertise to meet a desired high standard quality for Alfresco outdoor solutions, to our customers’ homes. In addition to all these exciting features, there is a Euro Pronto service which intends to care for our clients after sale service and support. Enjoy and welcome to the Art that is our Euro Alfresco.

Whether you have Modwood, Spotted Gum, or Merbau Decking our wide range of Alfresco Kitchens will suit your needs and add style to any deck or outdoor area.




Euro Appliances - where Italian design and quality come together in a range perfect for Australian lifestyles. With home grown service and knowledge to guarantee satisfaction.
euro appliances bring European quality into your kitchen backed by euro’s associate manufacturers in northern Italy who have been producing premium cooking products for over 50 years.