About Us

VUETRADE products are developed and distributed by Bellevue Group Australasia.

Bellevue Group Australasia is a wholly Australian manufacturer and wholesale supplier, with many years’ experience in the building industry. We have a solid history and reputation for providing quality service and products. Our understanding and providing for our customer’s needs comes from a long association with the building industry, and a network of retail and trade outlets for our range of products.

The market leading VUETRADE range of Building Brackets, Timber Connectors, Coastal 316 Stainless Steel, Trade Consumables and Timber Replacement Handles, is delivering on providing Innovative, Quality and Timesaving products to the building industry. We wholesale building brackets, timber connectors, trade consumable building materials and timber replacement handles to a wide range of trade building materials outlets and hardware stores across Australia; making our quality product readily available to Australian builders and tradies.

VUETRADE strive to have as many products as possible made in Australia. This committal is born of two logics; we have a belief in the quality of product made in Australia for Australian conditions, and a committal to supporting jobs here in Australia.

Bellevue Group Australasia (formerly Bellevue Distributors) was established in 1988. Today, Bellevue Group Australasia is still owned and managed by the original family owners. With an enthusiastic team and great product that provides solutions for our customers, we are constantly exploring fresh ideas and developing our products for Australia’s builders.


‘Empowering retail & trade outlets of any size, and tradesmen everywhere; with a comprehensive, innovative and quality range of products: backed by exceptional service and consistent supply’


‘The 1st choice for tradesman, ahead of the crowd with innovative, timesaving, quality products.’