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  • Every boxspan designed floor arrives on site pre-cut, pre-labelled to match the supplied working drawings.
  • Boxspan design two different types of floor & deck frames, traditional joist over bearer and monoplane design with joist and bearer in the same plane.
  • With every monoplane boxspan design your bearers are supplied with pre stamped and pre punched joist locations saving labour time.
  • Spantec offer inhouse engineering certification for footings and bracing, along with a full set of working drawings.
  • Each floor is individually designed to suit the requirements of the customer.
  • In your floor kit you not only receive your cut to size boxspan bearers and joist, but also receive all the brackets and fixings to form the full kit system.
  • No need for brick piers, each designed Boxspan floor system have the unique steel adjustable EZI Pier, level during or after construction.


Why Boxspan for roofs?

  • Handling Boxspan rafters is easier as they are lighter than timber rafters.
  • As blocking is not required, even for long spans it leaves a tidy finish for exposed rafters.
  • Long-spanning Boxspan reduces the need for structural beams giving you a straight ceiling with fewer bulkheads.
  • Boxspan roof frames are supplied as a complete, designed system to strict deflection criteria.
  • Boxspan can reach a similar span for less depth than timber.

Why raised floors?

  • Sloping sites can remain largely undisturbed – eliminates cutting, filling and compaction.
  • Easy under floor inspection (the safest termite prevention method)
  • Environmentally sound – silt runoff into waterways is reduced
  • Reduces hidden cost of landscaping to repair site after building completion

Why Boxspan floors?

  • Beams are consistent in size giving you a very straight floor
  • No shrinkage with Boxspan, therefore no squeaky floors, cracks in cornices or doors or windows that stick
  • Termite proof – used in conjunction with steel wall and roof framing, expensive termite prevention can be eliminated (check with your local authority).

Standouts for deck builders and owner builders

  • Boxspan deck frames are non-combustible and can be used in bush fire prone areas.
  • Choice of flooring material on joists (deck boards, composite decking, FC compressed sheeting, concrete etc.).
  • Easy connections to both steel and timber posts.
  • Boxspan deck frames are supplied as a complete designed kit system.
  • Mitred Corners for wrap around verandahs
  • With a selection of beams sizes you can allow for access under or span over obstacles such rain water tanks.
  • Deck flooring system works easily with posts punching trough up to the roof or up to handrail.

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