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Design Pine utilises finger joint technology to create long, straight and defect free boards for every application.

Design Pine producers only use exterior grade adhesive in every joint which ensures you to get a product with maximum strength and reliability. Design Pine is then coated with Resenes genuine BLUE primer to give a ready to paint surface for you to apply a topcoat. It that easy to use the Ultimate outdoor timber solution.

The range of Design Pine includes structural and decorative profiles for every application around your home. All the profiles have been developed with innovation in mind as this gives flexibility and diversification in application.

Don't be fooled by blue imitations, ask for Design Pine by name. Install and paint is the philosophy behind Design Pine as it continues to set a precedent for quality and durability across Australia. The combination of an innovative new preservative and a genuine BLUE primer gives Design Pine the edge.

These easy-to-use primed products are perfect for your next project, no matter if it's a small verandah, cladding a house or creating a dream entertainment area. Design Pine has a profile for you.

If you are a designer, tradesman or landscaper looking for supplies for your projects, choose Design Pine for all your timber. We are a preferred choice for builders around Australia, and the team is happy to offer you guidance in your timber selections. 

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