HARDIEGROOVE LINING (7.5mm) 2700 x 1200mm

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A fibre cement flat sheet with a tongue and groove appearance

HardieGroove™ lining is a flat sheet that has vertical V-shaped grooves carved into its face. Sanded smooth, it’s site-painted to create the traditional look of tongue-and-groove timber panels.

Provides a great looking and hard-wearing internal lining option

HardieGroove™ lining can be used as an internal wall lining in residential living areas, hallways, bathrooms (excluding showers) and garages and on soffits where a durable, tongue-and-groove timber panel look is required. It can be used on either timber or light gauge steel framed homes.

Fast broadwall coverage with concealed jointing and high impact resistance

  • The high impact resistance of HardieGroove lining, compared to timber, makes it the smart choice for high-traffic areas that are prone to wear and tear.
  • The sheet with V-shaped grooves carved into its face gives a look of individual tongue-and-groove panels with the benefit of fast broadwall coverage. To add to this, the sheet edges are finished with a half groove to conceal butt jointing and make it easy to do.
  • HardieGroove lining is resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire.*
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