INEX>BOARDS provide a range of high performing, lighter weight materials for the construction industry.

INEX>BOARDS offer a superior, yet price competitive, environmentally friendly alternative to fibre cement and plasterboard products. Critically the products are both low carbon and high performing, whilst at the same time being affordable, delivering to the construction industry a better, safer and cost-effective solution. Below we summarise some of the benefits of INEX>BOARDS:

  • Low Carbon - INEX>BOARDS minimise harm to the planet in their production which is undertaken at room temperature. The embodied energy of our board is about 40% to that of comparable fibre cement boards.
  • Strength - INEX>BOARDS is manufactured to an equilibrium bending strength of 22MPa.
  • Fire Resistance - Tests demonstrate that INEX>BOARDS are non-combustible, BAL-FZ and FRL 60/60/60 rated. 
  • Durability - INEX>BOARDS can be used in all climatic conditions – rain, snow, frost, varying humidities and extreme temperatures.
  • Acoustic Resistance - Tests demonstrate an acoustic attenuation of Rw5 higher than that of standard plasterboard products. At 10mm thickness INEX>BOARDS provide a similar attenuation as 13mm thick sound rated plasterboard.
  • Stability - Tests demonstrate that INEX>BOARDS can retain over 80% of the dry strength after 25 soak-dry cycles.
  • Water Resistance - INEX>BOARDS have a high level of water resistance and conform to the requirements of the Water Permeability Test.
  • Impact Resistance - INEX>BOARDS offer high impact resistance –greater than that of traditional compressed fibre cement sheets or impact resistant currently on the market.
  • Radiation Shielding - Tests show enhanced electromagnetic radiation shielding properties.
  • Healthier Living - INEX>BOARDS are non-toxic, provide enhanced breathability and inhibit mould.